Paracoelops en concert : 23 Mai 2018

Paracoelops flyer carré finalÀ l’occasion du passage par Paris de Alexander Formosa, nous serons en concert à Paris au onze bar.

Paracoelops c’est un duo đàn bầu et guitare, électrique et hypnotisant, avec des chansons qu’on aime, de Monk à Björk…

Ambiance comme à la maison, on espère vous y voir !

Time to catch up !

So it looks like I haven’t been taking care of this place lately…

Since last time, I’d been composing for a movie in concert on a japanese 1926 avant-garde film : A Page Of Madness. I hope I get to play this further, and I’m finally able to make some moves in that direction…

I’m currently working on two band projects here in Paris : đàn bầu and guitar with Andrea Campagnolo, and a bigger experimental hip-hop quartet that should be running around end of this summer.

Meanwhile, I am organising team building workshops and you can check this brand new company of mine : Invente-moi une chanson !

Nice previews to come soon !

Learning Hát Văn

Some videos on my experience learning this vietnamese traditional music at Trung tâm Phát triển Nghệ thuật Âm nhạc Việt Nam :

A reportage on VOV :

A reportage about the Center’s concerts in old quarter :

What rehearsals with my teacher NSƯT Phạm Văn Ty would be like :